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How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in 2018?

October 7, 2018

Building a house is often a more enjoyable journey than buying a house. When you build a house you have the option to put together a plan for your dreams and then create every corner of the house as you like. Building a house does take months depending on the location and the size of the house. But if you manage to find a contractor, you can trust then you would have a house of your dreams and watch your house being built from scratch. You could compare the quotes and find the best contractors on this website – The rough estimates show that building a house costs approximately around $150 per sq.ft [1] based on the national average in the year 2018. The price could be higher or lower based on the locality, the contractor you choose and other factors. The figure remains above $100 in most of the popular residential regions. Whether you build a house in a planned community layout or whether there is an individual plot of land also determines the actual costs incurred. Here are a few things that add up when you are calculating the cost of building your house –

Size of the house – the total built-up area would be considered in this case. This multiplied by the quoted price per sq.ft would be the cost estimate of your building. This total expense is often split up covering the following aspects –

  1. Site formalities – this might include the verification of permits etc.
  2. Foundation work for the building which would also include the leveling of the surface, excavations wherever required.
  3. Basic framing of the building including the trusses and sheathing work.
  4. Exterior finish including the doors, windows, roofing and the painting work.

The electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are also included in most of the building contracts. Then there is the final inclusion – the interior finishes including the plastering and painting of the interior walls. Additions like lighting might sometimes be considered as a separate interior design project.

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