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How the ICO market is creating a new financial sculpture

May 19, 2018

ICO, the crypto currency become quite popular in last financial year. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is  the latest investment trend one needs to look into. Ten years from its launch, ICO has reached remarkable heights considering the market cap and the return of investment it is bringing. The introduction price of the bit coin was $10 when it was launched in the year 2008. It reached the peak of $13,000 on 2018 New Year’s eve. It dipped below the price of $8000 and then rose again upto $11,000.

ICO launched bit coin as the starting of digital currency. It has become a display of wealth in past few years. The newest symbol of luxury, bitcoin is a badge to the elite class which lies on papers only. Often, bitcoin is considered as an asset of rich people which is generating more money for them than their other investments. One just need to know; when to buy it and when to sell and one of the reputed platform to do that is

In the past few years, crypto currency has evolved as a financial tool. People do not buy bit coin as an asset but as one of the ways they conduct their financial transaction overseas. Owning crypto gives the holder a status and most of the people who own bitcoin consider themselves as one step ahead. The trend of owning a bit coin is the start of a new aristocracy. A digital wallet with a logo of crypto currency has become the translation of your financial status.

On the secondary market exchange, anyone can buy the bitcoin. He can sell it as it is or can split it in number of pieces. The major fact about this crypto currency is that it is limited in supply, non-replicable and almost similar to an art.