Top Tips ForFuel Economy When Driving A Van

September 13, 2018

When you contract hire and leasing vans then these following tips will let you save on fuel when you drive the van.

These tricks are simple to follow and also have a lasting effect. So try them out to save a bit of money when you drive a van.

Lower the number of trips that you take

Make a list and do all the errands in a single drive. When you stop your van and the engine cools down and then you restart it again then in the next few miles the van will consume more fuel. So plan in advance and then take one big trip instead of many smaller trips and save on fuel.

Traffic needs to be avoided

If you can avoid traffic then it helps you to save on fuel. You could either plan some alternative route or avoid the rush hours. The vehicle economy is terrible when you drive the van during peak traffic hours because everytime you need to stop your van and then start it again. This consumes lots of fuel.

Do not drive with extra weight

If you want to ensure more fuel efficiency then get rid of any extra weight. Dump the stuff in the rear of the van and reduce the amount of weight that you are carrying. If your van is heavy then the more fuel will be consumed. So it is important that you travel light.

Maintain the speed limit

Stick to the speed limit for better fuel efficiency.  It saves fuel and also saves you from breaking the law. You will get to the destination a little later but you will be saving on fuel though.

Choosethedriverwith care

If you are not the one driving then make sure that you choose the drivers carefully. Make sure he is not an unsafe driver and the driver should have a good knowledge of driving. Driving a commercial vehicle needs better expertise and your driver should know the basics about driving the vehicle which will save fuel for you.